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A mattress like jeans:

It is true that the mattress is like a dress, so the choice depends on the taste. However, it is also true that, like clothes, there are quality products, inexpensive products, and absolutely exceptional products. Let’s take this comparison for an item of clothing spread across the globe: jeans. In their various shapes and colors, they always remain the same identical product, made with the same fabric. The same can be valid for the mattress.

The memory mattress:

As for clothing, denim trousers, known as jeans to most, are a product that satisfies all types of customers. In rest, the memory mattress is considered to be the equivalent product.

While for jeans this success is due to the resistance of the fabric. For the product we are talking about it is due to the comfort it can give to the user. However, as for clothing, there are many models in circulation, which can be divided essentially into good quality or mediocre items.

The importance of quality:

An article made of low-quality memory, as is obvious, is cheaper than the best mattresses on the market. However, the lower price is very often motivated by a lower quality of the materials used. As a consequence, the internal slabs, the internal padding, the fabric covering and the seams will be realized at savings, therefore they will be difficult to be solid and durable, as well as respecting the health and hygiene standards imposed by current regulations.

From this, it follows that not only the useful life for which we can sleep well on the mattress will be less than that of a better quality product exactly the same as for inexpensive jeans.

The best memory mattress:

Still playing on the comparison of jeans, the best models not only last longer than the cheaper ones, but they are also more comfortable to wear, adapting with time to the slight variations of our body, thus being able to be used every day anyway. So even the best memory mattress must be comfortable and comfortable, as well as being able to adapt adequately to our body, whatever our shape, stature or weight. To be used every day.

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